We love to welcome international members to L.L.V. Leicrosse, even if you're here for one semester only.

Below you can read some experiences of other internationals who joined our association this year. Don't be intimidated by these ladies below, cause we also have some great guys who would love to welcome some internationals into their team. If you have any questions, please contact our secretary via secretaris@leicrosse.nl.

Experiences of internationals

Nationality:       German

Team:                  Lynxes 2

  Starting date:    Sept 2017

Nationality:       Brittish

Team:                  Lynxes 1

  Starting date:    Sept 2017

Nationality:         Italian

Team:                 Lynxes 2

  Starting date:   Sept 2017


Lacrosse (not to be confused with Lacoste, and no, not the one on horses either)

I was asked to share my humble opinion on what it is like to be an International playing in an almost-all Dutch team. And let me tell you, joining Leiden Lacrosse is the best thing you could do as a living and breathing organism. No exaggeration: there is no better and faster way to get integrated after moving to a new country. You will be fluent in Dutch-swearing in no time (it’s Dutch culture to know how to best insult the NS train system and weather). If you don’t speak Dutch, it is not a problem at all! Practice is held in English if requested and the team members have no shame in voicing their strong Dutch opinion in Shakespeare’s God-given language.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter whether you end up in Team 1 or Team 2, every player is a 100% sugar and welcomes new players as if they are their newly conceived child. I felt at home from the very first cradle on. Best thing is: you get the healthiest balance of sport and alcohol… uhh social life! The Lacrosse team organizes many events like date diners, team weekends, borrels (social drinking), joined training and much more, which enables you to quickly make friends and have the typical Dutch experience, away from purely international isolation. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to travel half the country for some games, which guarantees first hand contact with kut-public transport but also new cities and gezellige team-trips! Lacrosse itself is the perfect sport to play as an International because of the amount of cooperation, communication and team-building it requires; from yelling each-others name to communal showering – you’ll get the entire fun package. The only downside that comes with joining is, that you have to share your fries with others. To me, Lacrosse offers a fun alternative to the cult-like fraternities/ sororities with less obligations and the perk of getting a nice butt. So what are you waiting for?!


Coming from England and having loved playing Lacrosse for years when I got to Leiden I knew that I wanted to carry on playing but I didn’t realise how great it was going to be playing here! When you first arrive in September there is an Introduction month which means you can get involved whatever your level of lacrosse- whether you play at home and are very experienced or you just watched Wild Child as a kid and now want to try that funny looking sport out! We have a squad of over 20 in the 1st team and only three of us are internationals and I will admit I was a little nervous about joining a mostly Dutch team, but the fact it has not been just international students has been the best part of Lacrosse. When most of your classes are with internationals it is such a unique opportunity to get to meet Dutch people and bond over the love of lacrosse of course!! Plus I get given lots of amazing tips about places to visit, local food and Dutch sayings all the time! Not only am I playing a really fun game, we have practice twice a week and a match on most weekends so I have been able to get to know the team really well and we have social events all the time too. Some of the highlights have been the Team Weekend to a farm outside Leiden where we did lots of team building games, a personalised quiz and a ghost hunt! Borrels with the men and women’s teams are held every month and in the Summer we have lots more events because it is L.L.V Leicrosse’s fifth anniversary this year- another very good reason to join L.L.V Leicrosse this year! Come sign up you won't regret it!


Hello everybody!

My  name is Diletta and I moved from Milan, Italy, to Leiden in August to do my Bachelor here. I played lacrosse for the first time when I was an exchange student in the United States a couple years ago, and I fell SO in love with it. I was the happiest person when I found out that Leiden University has a lacrosse team, so I immediately asked to join. Well, it’s just awesome. I play in team 2, and beside me there is only another foreign girl from Germany. At the beginning I was a little scared to be in a Dutch team since I don’t speak any Dutch, but it’s actually so much fun, and the girls have no problems speaking in English so that I can understand. I love playing with them, we got really close really fast, and we are doing great both as a team and as actual lacrosse players. Games are my favorite moment of the week: we get to travel, feel the excitement and the tension, win or lose, all together like a big family. Playing lacrosse on this team helps me so much to shake the stress away. It is so satisfacting to hear from our coach that we are doing great, or to get a high five when you do something lekker awesome during the game. Practices are a lot of fun, too. Also, we organize a whole bunch of extra activities for fun which are helping me so much to get to know the Dutch culture as well. I really love being on this team, and I advise everybody who’s even slightly interested to join! You are totally not going to regret it.